Help Developers to Build the Next Generation of Apps

Discover the latest opportunities at Spice AI, and learn how you can play a leading role in shaping the future of intelligent app development.
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Unlock AI’s Potential for Good

Working at the forefront of AI/ML, we face challenging but rewarding problems every day. Each member of the Spice AI team is dedicated to making it as easy as possible for developers to build the next generation of apps.

From affordable healthcare to making services more secure, advancements in AI/ML can make a positive difference to people’s lives. At Spice AI, we are harnessing and developing AI’s power to do good.

We are looking for awesome and passionate people with the drive to bring about real change.

Why Spice AI?

Solve Challenging Problems

Face and overcome challenging problems at the intersection of web3 and AI. Help to shape the future of the industry.

Contribute to the Community

Help developers leverage decision-making and time-series AI in their apps with OSS and the next-generation AI application platform. We're a team of builders – building for builders.

Technical Founders

Work side-by-side with technical founders, including our CEO, in a team with over 25 years of experience building infrastructure and developer experiences at Azure, Google, AWS, and GitHub.

VC Backed

We've raised over 14.5M in Seed funding from amazing backers. We're well capitalized to focus on building the team, platform, and community.

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“Choosing a startup is like investing where high reward comes with high uncertainty. Whether it's the excitement of innovation with a talented and cohesive team, or the most learning and growth I've ever experienced, I'm betting on the potential of Spice AI and exploring mine to the fullest.”
Qianqian Liu
Software Engineer
Previously at University of Washington
"After three years at startups, I was considering returning to FAANG to take it easy, but the combination of an experienced, talented engineering team and an exciting, cutting-edge product space at Spice AI filled me with a deep passion and excitement that I thought might have been lost forever."
Mitch Devenport
Senior Software Engineer
Previously at Google
“I am extremely proud to be a part of Spice AI. The team is exceptional, driven by ambitious goals, and led by outstanding, supportive leadership. From the moment I joined, I was impressed. I am very optimistic about the future of the company.”
Evgenii Kramkov
Senior Software Engineer
Previously at GitHub
"Jumping between enterprises and startups, I realized what makes work fun is being on a growth journey within a talented team. Spice AI offers this and much more, and it's exciting to build an innovative platform from it's
early days."
Yong Fu
Senior Software Engineer
Previously at MYOB
"I saw the high calibre of the team's engineers during my interviews and immediately knew Spice AI was an ambitious startup with a serious chance of building the next software application paradigm; I couldn't not join."
Jack Eadie
Software Engineer
Previously at AWS
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Our Hiring Process

Interested in joining us on our journey? We are always looking for talented and driven people who will help push us forward. Here is a breakdown of what to expect from our hiring process.

Stage 1:

Meet one or two members of the Spice AI team, introduce yourself, and learn more about how you might contribute to the mission.

Stage 2:
Book Challenge

Lead a mini "book club" session with the team on a book or research paper, and discuss and debate it's merits.

Stage 3:
Pair Programming

No whiteboard interviews. Jump into a pair-programming session with an engineer on the team and solve real-world problems in Golang and Python.

Stage 4:
Design & Problem-Solving

Design a solution to a systems design and/or machine learning problem.

Stage 5:

If it's a fit, we'll typically give you a competitive offer within 24-48 hrs of interviews.
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Super Spicy Benefits

We offer generous benefits to all our team. Dig into the list below to learn more.

Hack Week

Join the rest of the Spice team for our annual onsite hack week. Get to know your colleagues better while cracking some tough problems.


We’ve got you covered. You’ll receive health and dental coverage through our trusted provider, Regence Blue Shield.

(Health and dental coverage differs depending on your country.)


Receive financial contributions to help you pay for fitness programs for keeping your body and mind healthy.

Internet & Cell Allowance

We’ll cover the costs of your internet and cellphone, so you can spend a little more money on fun stuff, like tacos or getting a fancy new haircut. Just thoughts.You do you.

Professional Courses

Get financial contributions towards books, courses, and seminars to aid your on-going professional development and growth.

Performance Coach

Receive financial contributions for 1:1 performance coaching to help you realize your career aspirations and achieve your personal goals.
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